By These Things, I Stand

Welcome brother, on this page, you’ll find information related to your time as an undergraduate Phi Sig. Resources and materials to help you as a Phi Sig man, whether in your leadership role at your chapter or as an individual. You’ll find Scholarship information, News & Event information, member Benefits information, and links to many other resources and opportunities.


Phi Sigma Kappa is dedicated to the safety of its members and guests. Take advantage of the assets below to ensure member well-being, proper operations and communication with Professional Headquarters Staff.

News & Events

Membership Benefits

Your membership in Phi Sig will be one of the most significant assets throughout your life. Whether it is the opportunities you take advantage of as an Undergraduate by attending Conclaves and Leadership Schools, or as an alumnus who attends local receptions and events, you’ll always remain a part of the Brotherhood. Here are a few tangible benefits you’ll have to go along with the lifetime of Brotherhood you gain as a Phi Sig.