• At the 2016 Shonk Undergraduate Leadership School, the Fraternity announced the plan to build The Albert D. Shonk, Jr. Archive and Educational Center within the International Headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The archive is being named in honor of Brother Albert D. Shonk, Jr. (Southern Cal ‘54), also known as “Mr. Phi Sig.”

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    We are excited to announce the hiring of Nicholas Zuniga as the next Chief Operating Officer for Phi Sigma Kappa!

    The Grand Council was very fortunate to have several extremely talented candidates come forward and express interest in leading our fraternity.  Based on the priorities and challenges ahead of us, and after much discussion and deliberation, Nick was the unanimous choice by the board.


  • The sign of a strong organization is the ability to measure itself and look for ways to continuously improve efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and communication. Last year the Fraternity undertook a significant endeavor as we created a committee to work on the infrastructure that makes up Phi Sigma Kappa in order to maximize our performance.