myPhiSig is Phi Sigma Kappa’s membership database. It is also your one-stop shop for all the resources and responsibilities of your role.

Overall functions: 

  • Simplified management of chapter operations 
  • Streamlined process for reporting members and officers 
  • Efficient form submission 
  • Tools for managing and organizing events 

Financial Management: 

  • A robust, secure, and easy-to-use member-to-chapter dues platform 
  • A digital solution for creating budgets 
  • Tools for managing member and lease contracts 
  • Assistance with filing taxes 
  • Capabilities for managing receivables 


  • Backed by Salesforce, the world’s largest CRM/database company 
  • Seamless integration between member-management technology and financial platform 
  • Continuous updates and support to ensure the platform remains best-in-class 

You can pay your bill via the myPhiSig portal.



Member Safety Programming

Phi Sigma Kappa strives to create a safe environment for its members and community. As such, local chapters are expected to complete regular risk management and member safety training each academic year.