Cardinal Journey is Phi Sigma Kappa’s comprehensive member development program that begins when brothers join the Fraternity and continues throughout their undergraduate experience.

There are three phases of Cardinal Journey: Brotherhood in Phi Sigma Kappa, Scholarship in Phi Sigma Kappa, and Character in Phi Sigma Kappa, based on the three Cardinal Principles of the Fraternity. Brotherhood in Phi Sigma Kappa is the associate member program, while Scholarship and Character are for all members.


Brotherhood in Phi Sigma Kappa

The goal of Brotherhood in Phi Sigma Kappa, the first phase in the Cardinal Journey program, is to integrate associate members into the chapter’s brotherhood through a focus on personal growth, genuine conversation, and an exploration of individual and organizational values. This is achieved by educating associate members on the purpose and history of the Fraternity and discussing important topics and life skills relevant to college men. The program includes associate member meetings led by the Inductor as well as informal opportunities for connection, such as an associate member retreat and a group service project. Upon conclusion of the program, associate members should feel confident as brothers of the Fraternity, leaders on their campus, and members of society. Phi Sigma Kappa was excited to receive the 2020 Laurel Wreath award from the North American Interfraternity Conference for the uniqueness of this associate member experience.

If you are a local chapter, a Chapter Adviser, or a campus fraternity and sorority professional and would like to request a hard copy of Brotherhood in Phi Sigma Kappa, click here to submit a request.


Scholarship in Phi Sigma Kappa

Focused on understanding and utilizing strengths, Scholarship in Phi Sigma Kappa is designed for initiated brothers to learn new skills and build upon their natural talents. Participants will become more self-aware and develop stronger skills in the areas of academics, leadership, professional/career development, and personal success. Chapters also have the opportunity to lead members through the CliftonStrengths™ assessment so members can better understand their natural strengths.

Character in Phi Sigma Kappa

Character in Phi Sigma Kappa includes topics focusing on intrapersonal skills, acting with integrity, and developing into a successful college graduate and Phi Sigma Kappa alumnus. Topics include diversity, equity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, resiliency, mental wellness, and being a good human being. Members have the opportunity to grow in a way that will allow them to be productive and contributing citizens of their communities.