Providing prevention education is an essential aspect of helping our members make responsible decisions, and the Fraternity starts this education during the associate member process through CommunityEdu. CommunityEdu uses research and positive development models to educate students in alcohol and other drugs, sexual assault, mental health, hazing, and bystander intervention. Thus guaranteeing that all members and associate members have been provided with educational materials on these potential risk areas. This will help us achieve our ultimate goal of ensuring members have a positive experience as part of Phi Sigma Kappa and within their larger campus community.


Associate members are REQUIRED to complete CommunityEdu PRIOR to initiation. The course will take approximately 60 minutes to complete and should be done within the first ten days of the associate member process. The follow-up survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete and will not be available until 21 days after the course is complete. If an associate member does not complete both the course and follow-up survey before initiation, there will be a $25 late fee per member.


To fulfill the Phi Sigma Kappa requirement
  • Validate your Phi Sigma Kappa account via the email that says “Welcome to Phi Sigma Kappa!”
  • Wait for an email from VectorSolutions, inviting you to take the CommunityEdu course.
  • Complete the course within the first 10 days of the associate member process. Once the course is completed, there will be a 21-day intercession period.
  • After the 21-day intersession, you'll be able to complete the follow-up survey.
  • Since both parts need to be completed before initiation and there is the 21-day intercession period, it is crucial associate members complete the course within the first 10 days of the associate member process.