The Legacy Society recognizes those brothers who have made an outstanding commitment to Faith and Purpose for our Fraternity through a planned gift. The Foundation’s ability to provide quality educational programming and scholarship assistance for future Phi Sigs relies on the forethought of those brothers who have included the Foundation in their estate plans.

Deferred or planned gifts help you to meet your own financial needs today while supporting Phi Sigma Kappa’s future needs. Such gifts can provide significant tax benefits as well as lifetime income for you and your family.

As with outright gifts, deferred gifts may be restricted and designated to specified programs based on the donor’s wishes, or they may be left unrestricted to give the Foundation the flexibility to meet unforeseeable needs.

Planned Giving Society
Dr. Drury G Bagwell
Timothy O. Barnes
Edward C Baum
Stephen T Beal
Henry B Blackwell II
Richard M. Booher Jr.
James M Bryner
Thomas J Clark
Stephen P Connelly
John W. Crawford
James D Dallas
Daniel A Dubois
Dr. Jerry H. Fairchild
William N Frost
Alan T Girton
George L Glotzbach
Paul L Grane
Kenneth J Green
Walter J Groman Jr.
Thomas Grunwald
Rob Hancock
Jerry A Harmison
Coby V. Harper CLU,ChFC
Michael J Hughes
Bruce C Johnson
Gareth R. Jones
David H Kummer
David M Lepchitz
Chuck V. Loring
Lin Loring
E. Dale Lowe
Dave T McNaught
Michael Mendoza
Rusty L Moore
James A Murman
Dr. Patrick J. Pacalo, PhD
Robert L. Reed
Rodney L Reid
Gary A. Ritz
Dennis W Roberts
Sloan L. Robertson MD
Gene F Seevers
Albert D Shonk Jr
Mr. Ronald Sigmund Jr.
David M Spreitzer
Paul W Sprunk
Richard N Taylor
Andrew G Tobin
Mrs. Robert Ullman
Mark W. Viel
Timothy Vojtasko
John R Washburn
Shawn David Whitcraft
Peter D Wick III