General Convention: What’s in it for me?

Written by contributing writer: Brother Donald O’ Dell (Northern Arizona, ‘91)

Remember joining Phi Sigma Kappa and learning about the lifelong membership that the Fraternity offers? The 67th General Convention is an opportunity for you to experience that very brotherhood. While you may think national Phi Sig events are primarily for undergrauduate brothes, it can be an especially valuable experience for alumni brothers to attend. Whether you are a local chapter advisor, an alumni club or alumni association representative, or an alumnus brother who wants to get more involved, the brotherhood of convention is something every Phi Sig should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Take it from Brother Donald O’ Dell (Northern Arizona,‘91), who’s attended many events hosted by the Grand Chapter including regional conclaves and this past January’s inaugural President & Advisor Academy. Read below to learn more about his experience and why he continues to stay involved in the Grand Chapter.

Two questions were recently posed to me as an alumnus of Phi Sigma Kappa: why do I attend national Phi Sig events and what do I get out of them? As to why I attend, it is a simple answer: I care. I find the successes and challenges experienced at all levels of our Fraternity to be an opportunity to participate, think, debate, laugh, get frustrated, laugh more, and feel the unity among us. For me, there is nothing more awesome than working with Phi Sig brothers of all ages to overcome a challenge and watching it improve the life  path of our undergraduate brothers. I can truthfully say that I have departed every Phi Sig event having learned something new and am motivated to do more.

As for the “what is in it for me” question, that too is a simple answer: personal growth and well-being. No matter the event, many of us come together and enjoy sharing our differences, experiences, and knowledge. For us older brothers, national events give our minds purpose to grow, because there is nothing more important than understanding the newest generation of undergraduate brothers and the new initiatives of the Grand Chapter. For the younger alumni, Phi Sig events give opportunity for networking experience, leadership training, and time to laugh with brothers from across the region or country. Throughout my time in Phi Sigma Kappa, it has proven to be only and exactly what we choose to make it. Therefore, I continue to give my time and talent towards bettering the experience for generations of Phi Sigs to come and staying engaged at the national level, and I would encourage all alumni to do the same.

For more information regarding the 67th General Convention and opportunities for local chapter advisor training, please visit the general convention website.