Announcing The Speakers For The 67th General Convention

Brother Dennis Gillan (West Virginia ‘85) and James Robilotta will be speakers at this summer’s 67th General Convention!

Phi Sigma Kappa is excited to host two engaging professional speakers during the 67th General Convention in Dallas, Texas. James Robilotta and Brother Dennis Gillan (West Virginia ‘85) are experts in their industries, use humor and personal stories as a means to connect with participants, and provide space to have authentic dialogue around difficult topics.

James’ session will occur on Thursday morning as the opening keynote for convention, directly after the opening business meeting. During his session, Men: Work in Progress, James will talk about societal pressures men face and the coping mechanisms typically employed to avoid them. He will create a powerfully reflective space in which attendees will discuss the underlying fears men have and how they are holding them back from greatness.

James Robilotta is an author, professional speaker, personal coach, emcee, and entrepreneur.  In July of 2015, James had his first book published, Leading Imperfectly: The value of being authentic for leaders, professionals, and human beings. He also speaks internationally to willing and unwilling attendees about authentic leadership and promoting memorability. His clients include American Express, General Electric (GE), Yale University, The Ohio State University, and many others. As a speaker, he is doing the two things he loves the most: causing audiences to think critically about their leadership journeys and making people laugh! His thought-provoking talks are infused with self-awareness and comedy stemming from his background as a trained stand-up and improv comedian.

Brother Gillan is a familiar name for many Phi Sigs, as he spoke at last year’s Shonk Undergraduate Leadership school in Atlanta, Ga., and has also been involved with the Grand Chapter over the last few years. Back this year to lead some breakout sessions, Dennis focuses on how to help chapters become more aware of mental health issues and teaches undergraduate members how to help a brother in need.

Dennis is a national thought leader on the topics of suicide prevention and mental health advocacy. He travels internationally, speaking, raising awareness, and opening up the conversation of mental health. Dennis has been deeply touched by suicide after the losses of two of his brothers to suicide 11 years apart. After years of sitting on the sidelines, he jumped into helping those in need by working on the suicide prevention hotline when he lived in Chicago. After moving to South Carolina, Dennis got involved with several non-profits that take on mental health issues which allows him to lobby lawmakers and raise awareness by sharing his story. Dennis is on a mission to reverse the current trends in completed suicides and to seriously reduce the stigma associated with getting help for one’s mental health.

For more information regarding this summer’s 67th General Convention, please click here to visit the event website and register!