PSK Properties understands that every chapter housing situation is going to offer its own unique opportunities and challenges. Because of this, we analyze every situation individually and work directly with the chapter to find the best possible solutions to fit its specific needs.

PSK Properties offers the following options and services to help alumni associations/housing corporations and undergraduate members to improve the situation with their existing property or to assist in the potential acquisition of housing for chapters that are currently without any housing.

For additional information and questions about our organization services, please do not hesitate to contact us. When considering an application, PSKP reviews involvement criteria focused on the ChapterLocationEconomics and Physical Attributes of the request.

Any group seeking housing assistance from PSKP must complete our ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE.

PSKP can assist by transferring ownership from the local housing corporation. A common reaction to this is why would a chapter want to give up ownership of their property? In many cases, alumni are finding themselves in situations where they can no longer maintain the chapter house for a variety of reasons. Consider these situations as just a few examples:
  • The house may have significant debt and is not bringing in enough income to service it.
  • The housing corporation may have dwindled down to only a few volunteers and between professional, family and fraternity lives, there is not enough time to dedicate to keeping it running.
  • Repairs may be necessary and the funding needed cannot be obtained.
  • The relationship between the alumni and the undergraduates is strained because the alumni spend all of their time acting as landlords instead of focusing on social events and positive interaction with the undergrads.
Regardless of the situation, transferring ownership to PSKP allows the alumni to alleviate themselves of these problems while still preserving the chapter house for the use of the members and putting its operation in the hands of another Phi Sigma Kappa entity that has the best interests of the Fraternity in mind. In any ownership transfer situation, PSKP seeks to keep the alumni involved and a lead alumnus may be appointed to represent that chapter as an ex-officio member of the PSKP Board.

PSKP is currently working on the development of a short-term loan program to provide capital to Phi Sigma Kappa alumni housing corporations to make needed improvements to their existing properties. If your group is interested in applying for a loan from PSKP please visit our contact page and let us know.


As a service to the members (undergraduate and alumni) of Phi Sigma Kappa, PSKP will review lease documents, provide basic sample documents and provide input and perspective on any chapter housing issue at no charge. For more in-depth consulting and implementation services such as drafting customized lease and housing contract creation, creation of a housing corporation, or property financial analysis, a reasonable fee may be charged for our time. Please understand that PSKP does not receive any income from the Fraternity in the form of dues or donations, therefore charges for any in-depth services may be applicable.

If you would like to find out more about working with PSK Properties and if we can help your chapter, please contact us.