Announcing the 68th General Convention Details

Registration for the 68th General Convention is open, and there is a lot that goes into planning to attend!  Registration, travel arrangements, what to expect—there is a lot to know. Whether you are an undergraduate officer, member, or alumnus, we hope to provide some helpful information as you begin to register and make plans to attend. We have broken down a lot of information below.


The 68th General Convention Information

What is General Convention?

Brothers from across the country will gather at this biennial event to conduct the business of the Fraternity, elect Grand Council officers, and observe Ritual. Educational programming will be held during the General Convention and will provide intentional training for chapter officers.

When is the 68th General Convention?

The 68th General Convention will be held Thursday, July 22 – Saturday, July 24, in a hybrid format, offering both an in-person and virtual experience. This will allow for participation at any comfort level.

Where is the 68th General Convention?

General Convention will be held at the following hotel:

Scottsdale Plaza Resort
7200 N. Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Click HERE to make a room reservation. This invitation link indicates a $10 resort fee; however, recent negotiations have helped us eliminate that fee. You will not be charged that fee.

How do I register for the 68th General Convention?

Registration should occur using the online form, which can be accessed by clicking HERE. Payment will be accepted during the online registration process.

Convention Registration-Two Attendees Expected Per Chapter (any combination):

  • $425 for in-person delegate and attendees
  • $300 for in-person guest
  • $150 for virtual delegate and attendees

General Convention Schedule

Hotel and Travel are not included in the registration fee; attendees are responsible for all rooming charges at $93/night, plus tax = $105.25/night.

The professional staff suggests that you plan your travel early. At this time, flights are limited, and fares will only increase over time, or you might not be able to find a flight.

The suggested arrival time is mid to late afternoon on Thursday, July 22. Please plan your departure for Sunday, July 25.   

Full safety measures will be in place on-site per state law and hotel policies. This will include social distancing, wearing of masks, proper cleanliness, and sanitation, etc. A copy of all onsite safety measures will be provided at registration. While COVID vaccines are not required, we may ask if you have been vaccinated and provide proof. Please be prepared to answer a brief health screening each morning. Temperature checks are also planned.

There are funding opportunities through grants for those chapters/colonies that feel they cannot absorb the financial obligation. Please talk to your chapter coach about this option.

Attire: Coat and tie for banquets, business session, and Ritual Exemplification; business casual for Friday educational sessions; casual for the poolside event.

Hopefully, this answers some of your initial questions regarding the Convention. For more information, do not hesitate to reach out to as well as calling 317-573-5420 with any additional questions.

2021 Proposed Constitution & Bylaw Changes

The Constitution, By-Laws, and Policy Committee has approved the below Constitution and By-Law recommendations for consideration by the General Convention. Policy recommendations will be considered by the Grand Council at a later date.

2021 Alumni Club Report & Award Applications

The 68th General Convention is right around the corner! Please submit the linked Annual Report by June 30. This report is required for any alumni club to be eligible for voting privileges, it will also act as this year’s Alumni Association Award application.

  • To be eligible for awards, this report must be completed by June 7.
  • To be eligible for voting, this report must be completed by June 30.

Also, please continue to send in your sustaining dues for your members as that will have an impact on your voting strength. Please contact headquarters if you have any questions.

Section 4. The voting privilege of the alumni clubs in good standing with the Grand Chapter and represented at the General Convention will be apportioned according to their number of sustaining members as paid to the Grand Chapter no later than the June 30th preceding the General Convention as follows:

  • 0 to 25 members one vote
  • 26 to 45 members two votes
  • 46 to 65 members three votes
  • 66 to 85 members four votes
  • 86 or more members five votes



Call for Nominations for Grand President and Grand Council Directors

In accordance with Phi Sigma Kappa’s Constitution and Bylaws, it is the responsibility of the Chancellor of the Court of Honor to appoint and chair the Nominating Committee at each General Convention. The Nominating Committee will receive nominations for the offices of Grand President and Grand Council Directors, interview all candidates, and make recommendations to the 68th General Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona this summer. The General Convention will take place July 22-24.

Any brother in good standing may submit nominations. Those nominated must be brothers of the third or higher-ranking degree and may not include the Chancellor, or any brother “who is or within the two years immediately preceding the Convention has been on the paid staff of the Fraternity,” according to Article IV, Section 1 of the Bylaws.

The Grand Council periodically assesses the appropriate mix of skills and characteristics required of Grand Council Directors in the context of the needs of the Council at a given point in time. The Grand Council communicates that assessment as appropriate to the Nominating Committee. The skills, attributes, and expectations of future Council members have been outlined. More information will be asked about each candidate so that the Nominating Committee has all the necessary information necessary for strong interviews. Learn more about the Nominating Committee and the Grand Council skills and attributes. Nominations are due by June 30th.

Nominations should be made using the appropriate form, which can be requested from Associate Executive Director Kathy Cannady at