PSE Celebrates 111th Anniversary

Today marks the 111th Anniversary of the founding of Phi Sigma Epsilon. Below you’ll see a video message from Grand President Chris Hoye (Ferris State) about today’s meaning to our more extensive Phi Sig history.

Video Message From The Grand President

Phi Sigma Epsilon (ΦΣΕ) was a North American social fraternity that operated for 75 years (20 February 1910 – 14 August 1985) until its merger with the Phi Sigma Kappa (ΦΣΚ) fraternity. The vast majority of Phi Sigma Epsilon chapters participated in the merger. Phi Sigma Kappa incorporated many of the symbols of Phi Sigma Epsilon into its own, changing its crest and expanding its Cardinal Principals, symbolism, rituals, and historical canon to embrace the milestones of Phi Sigma Epsilon’s development. These changes were soon fully adopted by all the improved and much larger fraternity, retaining the older name, Phi Sigma Kappa. A happy coincidence that both of our groups had until the merger generally used the nickname, “Phi Sig.”