Phi Sigma Kappa Repudiates Former Bedford Resolution

It has been a difficult time in our country, in particular, for Black, indigenous, and people of color. In August 2020, the Grand Council took a bold step toward addressing these injustices and created the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to heighten and strengthen our efforts to educate our leaders, volunteers, members, and staff on the issues of diversity, equity, and racial injustice.

Phi Sigma Kappa condemns racism and the systematic oppression of any type. As part of our commitment to all diversity, equity, and inclusion, and in recognition of 2021 Black History Month, we formally repudiate the Bedford Resolution, which was passed at the 34th General Convention held in 1952. The Bedford Resolution was a motion passed by the convention body, agreeing that no chapter would pledge “negroes.”

Similar to other historically white fraternities and sororities formed prior to the Civil Rights Movement, Phi Sigma Kappa did not accept minority students on any scale except for the occasional international student. We are thankful that the Bedford Resolution was officially repealed at the 36th General Convention in 1956, allowing chapters the flexibility to pledge anyone they like. However, the Fraternity did not take any further action embracing diversity or inclusivity until 2009. At the 62nd General Convention in Boston, the Constitution was amended to say, “No chapter shall discriminate in recruitment or in membership based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, ethnic background, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, parental status, or political affiliation.”

Phi Sigma Kappa deeply regrets and apologizes for our misguided actions. We dedicate ourselves to educating and creating a more inclusive and welcoming fraternity. It is important for us to recognize this time in our Fraternity and the strides we have, and continue, to make.

We are listening and will continue to engage in reflective conversations with brothers who have used their voices. We commit ourselves to all necessary and appropriate future actions and education that are true to the goals, values, standards, and Cardinal Principles of Phi Sigma Kappa. We once again repudiate the misguided, previous actions of our Fraternity and state emphatically our total commitment to all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our Brotherhood and all attendant actions and policies of Phi Sigma Kappa.