Dyad to lead Phi Sig through the development of a comprehensive member education program.


March 7, 2018


Dyad Strategies to Lead the Development of Phi Sigma Kappa Education

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA. – Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity and Dyad Strategies are embarking on an exciting partnership to the develop and pilot a new comprehensive brotherhood program for the Fraternity.

Dyad Strategies will provide their high-quality research and data related to belonging and member education and lead Phi Sigma Kappa through the development of a framework that will allow the Fraternity’s work groups to begin the development of the program. In addition, Dyad will conduct assessments on the membership to better understand the culture and how that culture is impacting the organization.

“We are excited about this partnership with Phi Sigma Kappa,” said Dr. Gentry McCreary, Dyad Strategies CEO & Managing Partner. “When we began researching the roots of fraternal brotherhood five years ago, it was our hope that the research would be used by fraternal organizations to improve their own brotherhood experience. We are thrilled that our research will help impact a new generation of brotherhood in Phi Sigma Kappa.”

“This partnership is key to moving the Fraternity forward and building a premier leadership opportunity on campus,” said Executive Director & COO Nick Zuniga. “This brotherhood program will be the centerpiece of the Phi Sig chapter experience and will provide our men with the life skills they need to be successful during and after college. We’re truly building better men for society.”

As part of the partnership, Dyad will offer the following:

  • Dyad Program Assessment
  • Program Development Facilitation including the development of Programmatic Outcomes and Curriculum Mapping
  • Ongoing Work-Group and Training, Consultation and Board Development
  • Annual programming and training at National Conferences & Events

The Fraternity has created an Education Team made up of nine Brothers, who are responsible for working with Dyad to create and implement the Comprehensive Brotherhood Development Program. More information on the services provided by Dyad Strategies can be found at



Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity was founded at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, in Amherst, Massachusetts on March 15, 1873 and has 76 chapters and more than 80 alumni clubs across the United States. To date, the Fraternity has initiated more than 100,000 men into the organization that is devoted to the advancement of its three Cardinal Principles: the Promotion of Brotherhood, the Stimulation of Scholarship, and the Development of Character.

Dyad Strategies LLC is a consulting firm that helps college campuses and fraternal organizations measure and improve their impact and better understand the culture of their fraternity and sorority chapters.



Nicholas Zuniga, Executive Director/COO
Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity

Gentry McCreary, CEO & Managing Partner
Dyad Strategies