Online Meeting Applications

With the majority of campuses across the country moving strictly online, chapters and undergraduates are being asked to keep their distance from each other for the time being. Even with this social distancing in place, there are a few resources that we recommend to keep in touch with your brothers across the country.


If your campus runs on Google, you can easily use this tool to hold committee meetings, executive board meetings, or just catch up with your brothers. Google Hangouts have the capability to host up to 10 participants on Google Chrome. This free tool is perfect for mass chapter meetings you want to hold during this time.


Universities that run on Microsoft/Outlook should provide this program to students. Similar to Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams is a great resource to keep in touch with your brothers. Though you will have to download a separate app for this, the functionality is similar to Google Hangouts.


Many professors have utilized this tool for online classes, it is also a great resource for large group meetings. Zoom offers calls for up to 100 participants, though calls are limited to 40 minutes through the free version.