Read up on Chapter Consultant Trevor Hartley's first semester on the road.
Read up on Chapter Consultant Trevor Hartley's first semester on the road.

Life On The Road: Trevor Hartley

It has been an amazing first semester working as a Chapter Consultant with Phi Sigma Kappa. Throughout my travels, I enjoyed meeting countless Phi Sigs and other amazing people while also having some fantastic experiences along the way.

To begin the semester, I made the cross-country drive from HQ in Indianapolis all the way to Los Angeles. Driving that distance was uncharted territory for me, but due to the fact I was going to be in the Los Angeles area for two and a half months, it more logical than flying and renting a car. Looking back, that drive was a valuable experience. I was able to see so many beautiful sights and spend a night in Las Vegas along the way.

During my time in California, there was a period of culture shock. I had to adjust to the west coast lingo and laid-back mentality. With that being said, I found myself at home very soon after joining the Cal State Northridge alumni group at a Dodgers game during my free time. Throughout my travels attending local sporting events become somewhat of a common theme. I went to a Dodgers game, USC football game, LA Kings hockey game, Young Harris basketball game, and last but not least, The Iron Bowl!

Sporting events were not the only great experiences I had while on the road. I also played several rounds of golf all across the country from the west coast overseeing the Pacific Ocean to the foothills of Georgia. I especially enjoyed golfing when I was able to go with other brothers during my visits.

Although I met so many amazing people during my travels, my favorite experience from this semester happened entirely by myself. Between my visits to Young Harris and Clemson, I spent the entire day on a fishing boat. For those of you that may not know, I enjoy fishing, especially for bass. Though I did not catch many fish, I had a great time and relaxed towards the end of a hectic and crazy semester on the road.

To all of my chapters that I visited this semester, thanks again for your hospitality and some incredible experiences. For those chapters which I have not yet visited, I look forward to making even more memories such as those from this semester!