Life on the Road: Taylor McDougal’s Spring

To start my travels, the IHQ staff hosted President and Adviser Academy in St. Louis. I was excited to introduce myself to new presidents and catch up on their chapters. During the academy, presidents had the chance to discuss similar struggles and solutions to the problems. The staff and presidents went to the City Museum to relax and explore. The City Museum had tunnels, climbing obstacles plus a ten-story slide. The academy also allowed me to connect with and meet new chapter advisers.

After Presidents Academy, I drove south of St. Louis to visit Southern Illinois and make my way to the University of Central Arkansas. I traveled throughout the Midwest then stopping at Henderson State, where Phi Sigma Kappa was coming back onto campus. The expansion project was underway, and there was already an interest group started. The first week, Dezie and I introduced ourselves to the interest group and administration staff while becoming familiar with campus life. We succeed at receiving referrals to potentially join Phi Sigma Kappa with the help from the sororities on the second week.

I battled several winter storms throughout my time in the Midwest after helping with the expansion project. I made stops at Central Missouri and the University of Illinois among others to help out with chapter operations. After my final trip through the Midwest, I flew out to see the West Coast chapters. I was very excited to travel and visit the West Coast because it would be my first time going out there. I traveled from Cal State Fullerton to Cal Poly and was amazed by L.A. The mountains and coastal drives were gorgeous. After meeting with the California chapters, I drove over to Flagstaff to Northern Arizona University. Along with these West Coast schools, I visited Washington State and the beautiful town of Pullman.

Traveling back to the Midwest, I visited Ball State. Ball state recently raised around $20,000 for Special Olympics through Polar Plunge. I also had the chance to attend the chapters initiation ritual and welcome in the new brothers. The chapter had an honorary alumni Epsilon brother go through his first Kappa ritual which was great. After visiting Ball State, I drove up to Michigan to start my visits. I started my visits with the Eastern Michigan chapter. I played basketball with the chapter and Special Olympics athletes while eating pizza and cookies. After my visit, I stopped at Michigan then traveled up to see the men of Ferris State.