Life On The Road: Taylor McDougal

My tour throughout the Midwest left me with plenty of good memories and experiences.

My visits started with the new chapter house at Purdue. The house has amazing decorative interior with Phi Sigma Kappa memorabilia throughout. I was able to eat food from the chef’s meal plan which I have never experienced at a chapter house. The food was awesome, I was very skeptical at first because I didn’t know how good it would be.

After seeing the new chapter house, I had another unique experience in Martin, Tenn. Our newest colony is in UT-Martin, and I will never forget my time down there because it was the first expansion I was a part of. Recruiting guys to become a part of something new was a unique process. I was housed in on campus dorms along with Cam. I felt like I was back in college. We were a part of the undergraduate population working towards building a colony. The process required multiple one-on-one meetings and sorority presentations to find the right men for the new colony.

Another fun experience while I was on the road was visiting the National Cherokee Museum in Tahlequah, Okla. The museum has great indoor exhibits and an authentic Cherokee village outside that exemplified the Cherokee way of life.

After Oklahoma, I journeyed up to Michigan where I experienced Eastern Michigan bidding process for new associates. The bidding process was interesting to be a part of, I got to experience how a different chapter bids associates. To be a part of their traditions and process was special for me.

One of my favorite places along the road was Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor is beautiful in the fall, and hanging out with the chapter, watching the Michigan and Michigan State game was a blast. The whole chapter came together and ate pizza while we watched Michigan roll past. They also introduced me to poutine, a delicious dish.

Then, I traveled up to Northern Illinois University for their initiation which was an awesome experience. They completely memorized the ritual, which was surprising and incredible. It was smooth and focused on the individual experience. They strive for perfection and wanted each associate to really feel a part of the ritual.

Lastly, one of my favorite parts of my journey was Shonk Leadership School in Atlanta. This is one of my favorites because I became a Fourth Degree member and got to meet multiple influential alumni. Meeting alumni is one of my favorite perks of the job because you hear stories and events that took place when they were an active member.


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