Life On The Road: Dezie Gude

In this position, I have the opportunity to make many memories and have some incredible experiences. I have enjoyed my second year of being a travel consultant. Outside of the meetings and training, I have really enjoyed connecting with the members that I have met along the way. I have also experienced things that I would not have able to without this position. My first semester, I was very nervous walking into a chapter and having to speak to them, never knowing what the response you would get from the members. Luckily, I have been assigned to some amazing chapters. This year has been even better than my first of consulting. I created some memories and experiences this year that I will never forget during my time traveled.

When I travel, chapters ask me what my favorite chapter is. It is simple, I do not have a favorite chapter. Every chapter has something that is unique to them and they take pride in. I always encourage my guys to show me what makes them love their chapter and the town that they are in. This gives me something to remember the men by and allows for me to take some pride in the town, since I will be there for a few days.

One of the many experiences that I enjoy during my visits are my Saturdays in the South.  I have had the pleasure of attending many football games within this semester. I am a HUGE SEC guy and being able to enjoy games with my brothers have been awesome. Learning the traditions for the crowd was always shocking. It was rattling my keys on 3rd down at Virginia Tech because “third down is key play” or shouting “U-S-C” repeatedly when Sandstorm was played in Williams-Brice Stadium, I got a glimpse of why members have school pride. Although, shouting “Roll Tide” and singing Dixieland Delight will always be my love.

I also enjoy the hospitality that members showed me when I am in town. As a consultant, we are rarely home. When members show great hospitality and make us feel home, it helps us with our days and visits. I thank the Clemson chapter for doing just that. Many other chapters also made me feel home as well.

My region is the South and West Coast. I love the South with all my heart. But I quite enjoy being able to be in perfect weather all day everyday in sunny state of Cali. I have had the opportunity to visit many parts of California as well as met the men of our chapters out there. California is a beautiful place and I recommend it as a vacation place at least once. I enjoyed the experience that is always provided to me from the great Scott Jacobson! He ensures that I feel as much as at home when I am visiting. He also helps me experience something new every time also. Thank you for this, Scott! I also get the privilege of hanging with the great Liz and Al Shonk. They are such an amazing family and I enjoy every moment with them. Al, thanks for your welcoming and work you do to the fraternity.

All in all, no matter where I visit for a consulting week, I enjoy my time with the members. Thank you, guys, for being able to show me a great time in your town. I look forward to my spring semester and being able to make new memories.


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