Life on the Road: Dezie Gude at Henderson State

Senior Chapter Consultant Dezie Gude provides some insight into his time at our Henderson State Colony.

To start the semester, I was at Henderson State getting our new colony started. This was an excellent opportunity to put my recruitment skills to use. As I headed to Arkadelphia, I was excited and nervous to begin this process. When Taylor and I arrived, we were greeted by four gentlemen who were eager to join Phi Sigma Kappa and help us start this colony.

I spent five weeks in Arkadelphia working on this project. During this time, I met many students and discovered the love that each one of them had for Henderson. Most students liked the small community that Henderson provided and the school’s Spirit. Most colleges and Universities have some type of mascot, but Henderson has something different. Their saying is, “No mere beast has ever symbolized the wearer of the ‘H.’ None can. Long may we keep it so.”

Part of what makes Henderson State so unique is the size. Students enjoyed knowing everyone on campus and meeting people. I saw this as an opportunity to be able to connect with students on a personal level. With the campus being on the smaller and more intimate side in terms of size, it was easy for me to have day-to-day interactions with the community and the gentlemen that attend Henderson. After meeting number one, it was easier to begin conversations with the gentlemen, from asking them about the class they just finished catching up on the Netflix series they were binge-watching.

I got to know the guys on a deeper level than just discussing fraternity business. As I sat on campus every day, I began to feel like part of the community. It even got to the length of the Starbucks lady knew my coffee order based on the day that it was (I switch between two types depending on the day). This made me grow some ‘Reddies pride. The opportunity also had me look back on my undergraduate days of meeting friends on campus and grabbing coffee or lunch before classes.

As I began to wrap up this project, I found a group of brothers that were passionate about Phi Sigma Kappa and ready to begin the process. These men make me feel comfortable about the colonization effort and leaving them in charge to continue to start the chapter. All of them are great and have amazing individual traits; I cannot wait to see what they do this semester.

Damn Proud,