Phi Sigma Kappa recently completed the tactical planning process, and we are pleased to announce a new strategic plan. This plan will guide our Brotherhood over the next 3-5 years, establishing a vision for the organizations future and setting benchmarks for success which will drive Phi Sig Forward.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the fraternity’s new strategic plan, Phi Sig Forward. 

It’s called Forward because it’s where we need to go as an organization if we are going to survive. If we are going to build better men for society, now is the time to step out of our mold and show our partners, alumni, and members who we are—and more importantly—who we aspire to be.

This process started during my interview for this position. On my very first day on the job, we started laying the groundwork. We’ve tapped every Phi Sig constituency in building this program:

  1. More than 700 undergraduates provided ideas and feedback during chapter visits and Conclaves during 2017-18
  2. The Grand Council, Foundation and Properties all spent time providing focusing on key issues and helping to determine a path forward.
  3. Alumni, staff, and Fraternal partners had opportunities to give ideas and provide context to our past and future.

This is a strategic plan, not an operational plan. This plan addresses high-level issues and solutions. How we go about accomplishing these strategies, through measurable objectives and tactics, will be up to staff and board to determine and present to the membership.

Phi Sig Forward will be a fluid strategic plan. It has to be. Our industry moves too fast to not be nimble and make strategic moves when we need to.

I’m confident in Phi Sig Forward and what our membership has created. I’m excited for our work to begin.

Damn Proud,


Nicholas R. Zuniga
Executive Director/COO


Member Development: Building Better Men For Society

Phi Sigma Kappa will engage all of our members in personal and professional development. Through the enhancement of existing programs and resources as well as the establishment of new initiatives that foster a meaningful connection to the Fraternity throughout their entire life.

  1. All members will engage in personal and professional development throughout their undergraduate experience and have opportunities for lifelong learning as alumni.
  2. Participation in the Fraternity is expected in each Degree—there is no “inactive” status.
  3. Chapters exceed the campus grade point average and perform at a high level academically.
  4. Any and all debts to the Grand Chapter, vendors, members, and institution are paid annually, promoting financial responsibility amongst chapters and members.
  5. Chapter education will focus on mental and physical health for our men.

Alumni Mentorship: Developing Guidance For Lifetime Success

The Brotherhood must give alumni an important way to stay connected. Alumni cultivate undergraduate members and provide mentorship throughout the undergraduate experience. Providing opportunities to build their networks within their geographical areas no matter where a brother resides after his collegiate years.

  1. Every chapter has a fully certified and trained chapter advisor, advisory board and regional advisor.
  2. Alumni cultivate undergraduate members and provide mentorship throughout the undergraduate experience.
  3. The Fraternity will provide alumni brothers in geographical areas opportunities to connect and provide resources to nearby chapters.
  4. Phi Sig provides the resources for each graduate to obtain their first position in their career field.

Growth: Ensuring The Future of Phi Sig Is Secure

A new culture of recruitment will be established. Recruitment is an ongoing process, permeated in the tradition of recruiting the right man on campus, not the “always joiner.” Chapters will have a support strategy created by alumni and professional staff to ensure a roadmap for success.

  1. Recruitment is an ongoing process, permeated in the tradition of recruiting the right man on campus, not the “always joiner.”
  2. The International Headquarters has an ongoing expansion plan to add chapters each year, both new and recolonizations.
  3. Small, underperforming chapters have a chapter support strategy created and tracked by alumni and professional staff.

Safe Environments: Safeguarding Our Chapters

Phi Sigma Kappa will focus on safeguarding our chapters and the communities they are a part of. Membership standards which are evident in their definition and objective will be researched, established and enforced. Our vision is to have environments that are designed for academic and collegiate success.

  1. The Fraternity will research strategies that move chapter houses toward substance-free learning communities first, designed for academic and collegiate success.
  2. Each chapter facility has a trained and reliable housing/alumni corporation, which maintains a capital reserve for improvements.
  3. Local and state Special Olympic offices partner with all chapters to develop annual service and philanthropic events.
  4. Phi Sig men maintain healthy relationships with students in their campus community.
  5. Membership and chapter standards are clearly defined and enforced across all chapters.

Funding & Support: Advancing the Phi Sig Experience

A focus on the establishment of a culture of philanthropy, a vigor in seeking out innovative revenue streams will aid in support of our membership. The organization will thrive on the entire Brotherhood giving their treasure to the Fraternity through the Foundation annually.

  1. Every Brother will give treasure to the Fraternity through the Foundation on an annual basis.
  2. Alumni will donate to their individual Chapter Education Fund to ensure annual attendance at leadership events hosted by the Fraternity.
  3. The International Headquarters will work with alternative foundations and organizations to develop programming and potentially secure private funding.
  4. Chapters have an annual budget that is voted on by the chapter, audited by alumni and cognizant of expenses and dues.

What will it take to drive Phi Sig Forward? You.

Provide your thoughts, feedback, and support by emailing