IHQ Adds Two Growth Specialists to Staff

INDIANAPOLIS – This summer, Phi Sigma Kappa International Headquarters added two Growth Specialists to its staff. Brothers Dillon Davis (Northwest Missouri ’24) and Ryan Jelenski (Ball State ’24) started their training in Indianapolis this month. In addition, Brother Luke Coogan (Hope ’23) was promoted to Senior Growth Specialist.

Brother Davis earned his bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Broadcast and Production from Northwest Missouri State this spring. He served as the President and Vice President for the Epsilon Nu Chapter during his time as an undergraduate. He also worked as the Signet Publishing Board Intern during the spring 2022 semester.

“Dillon’s undergraduate experience as a former Vice President and President for the Epsilon Nu Chapter at Northwest Missouri State, as well as an intern for the Fraternity and Sorority Life office on his campus, paired with his extensive marketing and social media knowledge, set him apart as a fantastic candidate for the Growth Specialist role,” Hollis said. “Dillon has a down-to-earth demeanor that I believe will serve him well in this role as he gets to know students from a variety of interests and backgrounds.  I am thrilled to have Dillon join the Growth Team and look forward to working with Dillon in the years to come!”

“I’m excited to be in this position because I get to help grow the fraternity that gave me a great experience during my four years in college, and it allows me to help others get that experience,” Davis said.

Brother Jelenski graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration. Previously, he served as the President for the Epsilon Tau Chapter. He also interned at the 2023 Officer Academy in Atlanta.

“In addition to his extensive officer experience with Phi Sigma Kappa, Ryan was a member of his school’s Economics’ Club and worked at the Recreation Facility on campus,” Hollis said. “Ryan has an energetic and driven personality that I think will take him far in this position as he gets to know students and hopefully recruits them as future founding fathers on any campus he steps onto. I am very excited to have Ryan join the Growth Team and look forward to getting to know him more in this next year on staff!

“I’m excited to start working for Phi Sigma Kappa because it offers a unique opportunity to engage and connect with undergraduates while fostering a strong sense of brotherhood,” Jelenski said. “Additionally, I look forward to contributing to meaningful projects and initiatives that enhance our fraternity’s values and positively impact our members and the wider community overall.”