Happy 151st Founders’ Day!


Today, as we celebrate Phi Sigma Kappa’s 151st birthday, I am reflecting on the origins of our Brotherhood and where we are going in a world that could not have been contemplated by our Founders. That is the challenge we face: how to stay true to Phi Sig’s core values, yet the “idle meadows and indolent shores” and “hill and a stars” of 2024 are very different from the prior decade, let alone the post-Civil War era of 1873.

Our Brotherhood is thriving on college campuses across the county. Homecoming and Chapter Founder’s events are back. Local alumni gatherings (formal and informal) are happening.

Why? Because Phi Sigma Kappa inspires. Phi Sigma Kappa adds lifelong value to members’ journey of academic, professional, and personal development. Phi Sigma Kappa can be transformative, whether that transformation comes from the Brothers you meet along the way, or the leadership skills you developed while holding a position in your chapter or as an alumni volunteer..

So please take a moment today to reflect on how Phi Sigma Kappa shaped who you are, thank the Founders’ for their vision, call a Brother you have lost touch with, and support our Brotherhood in its pursuit to positively impact our world by participating in Day of Giving.

Finally, thank you for the honor of serving as your Grand President.


David Cohen ‘88 Beta Chapter/Union College

Grand President