Happy 150th Founders’ Day!

Today marks a monumental milestone in our proud history— the 150th Anniversary of Phi Sigma Kappa. Since our inception, we have worked together to Promote Brotherhood, Stimulate Scholarship, and Develop Character within Phi Sigma Kappa.  We have created a Brotherhood that is strong, resilient, and understanding.

For the past 150 years, our Fraternity has grown and flourished. We have united to serve our communities, break boundaries, and reach new heights. Our commitment to helping others and working toward making Phi Sig better each day has been paramount to our success.

We have achieved a great deal in the past and this success is due to our strong bond of Brotherhood.  This strength is based in our Cardinal Principles which list the words justice, harmony, brotherly love, wisdom, honor, loyalty, and respect.  Our motto, the Golden Rule, has been fundamental in our growth and the development of a better Fraternity man.

Let us continue to use this strength to reach even greater heights as we look to the future. Let us strive to be better men, to always act with honor and respect, and to continue working toward a better future.  Let us continue to explore diversity and foster inclusivity all while keeping in mind our Founding Principles and ritual teachings.

Let us take pride in our Brotherhood and never forget the principles that have brought us together. Let us continue to break boundaries, strive for excellence, and never take for granted the opportunities that come our way.

Let us ensure that our Fraternity is open and inviting to all deemed worthy of being called a Phi Sig, no matter background, or beliefs. Let us look to our past, learn from our mistakes, and never forget the values that have shaped our history.

Let us work together as a Brotherhood to create positive and lasting change in our communities and the world at large. Let us use our knowledge and experience to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Let us unite in service and reach out to those in need.

Today, I proclaim this day to be a special one for Phi Sigma Kappa, a day of remembrance, hope, and celebration. Let us use this day to recognize our hard work, enjoy life, and serve others. Let us never forget the lasting legacy of our Fraternity, and may it remain strong for generations to come.

Let us use this occasion to strengthen our faith in Brotherhood and stand together as one powerful voice. You are the future of Phi Sigma Kappa and I thank you for your commitment to making Phi Sigma Kappa better each day!  Brothers, the future is bright!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Chris Hoye (Ferris State ’91), Grand President