Eta Triton Returns to Akron!

On April 28, 2018 the Eta Triton Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa celebrated their rechartering…

Eta Triton Returns to the University of Akron

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – Phi Sigma Kappa is PROUD to announce that the Eta Triton Colony at the University of Akron is now officially a chapter after their chartering weekend which was held April 27-28! Eighteen men of all ages, across more than four states, and many different backgrounds, came together to form the new Eta Triton chapter at the University of Akron.

A Founding Father of the group – Logan Mackulin, Secretary of the chapter. “Chartering this year was something I couldn’t have imagined happening. It was always a goal of ours, but it seemed beyond probable. Our entire group of men worked diligently over to the last two years and the past year, in particular, to help make this happen. It feels Damn Proud to have helped lead rechartering of Eta Triton.”

Another Founding Father, Michael Smith when asked why he wanted to be a Founding Father of Phi Sig said, “I wanted to become a Founding Father because I wanted to grow and be a part of a Brotherhood that would be there for me for not just the time I’m in school, but the rest of my life.”

Want to follow them as they embark upon their journey to live the Phi Sig way?

Follow them using the contacts below:
Instagram: @_PhiSigmaKappaAkron
Twitter: @UAkronPhivig