Brother Matt Cohen Attends Midyear Meetings

Undergraduate Representative to the Grand Council Matt Cohen (LIU ’22) attended Phi Sigma Kappa’s annual Midyear Meeting. He recorded his thoughts from a jam packed weekend.

As an Undergraduate Representative to the Grand Council of Phi Sigma Kappa, it is very humbling and exciting to have been selected to serve as a voice for our undergraduate brothers from across the nation. At the same time, this can be very intimidating.

I was incredibly nervous going into this new role. I knew this would be a great challenge for me, but this is something that I felt ready for, and I knew that I wanted to do. This is my way to give back to my brothers from across the country and ensure that they get the same, positive Phi Sig experience that I have gotten thus far.

Going into the mid-year meeting in Orlando, FL, I, along with many other undergraduate brothers, had our fair share of concerns about what was being done to support us. My experience at the mid-year meeting was insightful and eye-opening in a positive way. My concerns were addressed almost immediately through my interactions with the Grand Council and the IHQ Staff. The people that are put into and volunteer for these positions are some of the most dedicated and caring people that I have ever met. The reality is that they work countless hours and sacrifice their time, effort, and energy all year long to give us a positive experience that you can’t get anywhere else. They all are receptive to the ideas that the undergraduates have and genuinely want to make Phi Sig a memorable experience for everybody.

I want to reassure you that Phi Sig is taking extensive measures to let you know that your voice is being heard. The leaders of Phi Sigma Kappa understand that there can’t be a Phi Sig without people like you and me, the undergraduate brothers. We all are here for a common purpose. That is to become better men, better leaders, and better brothers.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I call upon both sides of the aisle in the fraternity world to work together to provide the best Phi Sig experience possible. The Grand Council and the IHQ Staff working directly with the undergraduate brothers to make this dream a reality for all. We have to work not just as individuals in this, but together as a team to achieve this goal, not only for ourselves but for future Phi Sigs to come.

Overall, Phi Sig has taught me many skills that I couldn’t have imagined learning while in college. Phi Sig has given me useful life skills that I will cherish and continue to use in my everyday life for the rest of my life. I am very excited to see the direction that Phi Sigma Kappa is going, and that direction is, Phi Sig Forward. DAMN PROUD!