Adam Good (Eastern Michigan ’22) Plays Taps at Comerica Park

Last Monday, the song “Taps” rang around the country as citizens and service members remembered those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

In honor of Memorial Day, Brother Adam Good (Eastern Michigan ‘22) played Taps at the home of the Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park. As a member of the 126 Army Band, Adam travels around Michigan playing music for events involving military personnel.

The opportunity to play Taps in that video was not his first time in front of the camera; he filmed a National Guard commercial in February. Then the Tigers reached out to his unit, and Adam got the opportunity to play that impactful song for Memorial Day.

“I’ve only been in for two years, so I can’t grasp the severity of what all my brothers and sisters in the military go through,” Adam said. “As someone who has the opportunity to represent those who can’t be here today, [playing Taps] something that takes my breath away and gives me chills when I play it. I know that I am not playing for myself, I am playing for them to recognize people who can’t be here and the other people who served and sacrificed everything in order to protect their loved ones back at home.”

Adam is a member of the Army Reserves and is currently studying Music Education at Eastern Michigan University. You can watch Adam’s rendition of Taps here.