A founders’ day message

A Special Founders’ Day Message from Grand President Sean Shingler

Dear Brothers,

Today, March 15, 2019, marks our 146th Founders’ Day. Our six founders began a journey to create a brotherhood based on our three Cardinal Principles. Little did they know, the Fraternity they started in 1873 at their small Agricultural College in Massachusetts would impact thousands of lives over the next 146 years.

I’d like to ask for you to join me today as we celebrate Phi Sigma Kappa’s history and look forward to our incredible future. In the words of one of our Founding Fathers Henry Hague, “Let us keep on growing till our beloved fraternity shall become full grown, having the strength and protect its members, wisdom to guide them to helpful and good things as to college life, and love so warm that its members shall feel its kindly glow, that brotherly love may indeed be a reality and not an idea.”

We are making strides every day to reach our full potential. Our fraternity is not fully grown, but we work towards that goal every day.

Last year, we had a successful Phi Sig Day of Giving fundraising campaign with challenges where Brothers donated, forwarded a Giving Challenge to other Brothers, and built momentum and excitement for our day. I had a wonderful exchange as part of this process involving a few laughs and insults (directed at me) from fellow Brothers willing to join our celebration. Sadly, many of the Brothers I challenged didn’t respond. That was disappointing, as I feel we owe our fraternity more than what we’ve received from it.

I want to build on our success last year and ask the question, “Would you please treat Phi Sigma Kappa to a birthday meal today?”

For all that Phi Sig has done for you could you treat her to a meal? Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You choose. Consider it a small token of your appreciation for what you’ve gotten out of our fraternity. It’s Phi Sig’s birthday!

We buy meals all the time for our friends and family as part of their birthday celebration. Join me in treating Phi Sigma Kappa to a birthday meal. This could be as small as a cup of coffee and muffin. Perhaps it’s a terrific burger and milkshake? Maybe you’d like to treat Phi Sig to a steak and bottle of red wine? Whatever meal you’d want to choose, it’s up to you.

I’ve broken bread and had meals with hundreds, likely thousands of my fraternity brothers through the years. I believe our culture needs more family meals. A place where we can share, laugh, challenge, celebrate, and perhaps even cry with one another. Our chapters provide these experiences to our undergraduates.

Is there a memorable Phi Sig meal you shared with Brothers? How did that meal impact your life? It’s small gestures and touch points like we share during life’s everyday moments that leave lasting memories.

Celebrate with me today by recalling a Phi Sig moment. Join me in treating PSK to a meal of your choosing. Make a small gesture. Your support will provide an opportunity for the learning and development of our next generation of Brothers. I hope you know some of them. I hope you dine with them and share a wonderful moment.

Happy Founders’ Day to you Brothers!

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