COVID-19 Chapter Operations Guidance
Utilize the resources and information below, and know that the Phi Sigma Kappa International Headquarters professional staff is here to assist you. Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns.


  • Chapters should adhere to all guidelines put forth by the host campus, as well as by local, state, and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials.
  • Chapter members should consult the CDC’s guidelines on how to protect themselves and what to do if they think they are sick.
  • Another excellent resource is the NIC’s COVID-19 Guidance webpage. There is a variety of topics covered that may fit you in your role as a campus leader, Chapter Adviser, housing volunteer, or parent of an undergraduate.
  • Check out some resources for wellbeing here.
Associate Member Education and Initiation


  • We are encouraging chapters to continue with their associate member education process this spring through virtual meetings using platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangout. (See this blog on online meeting resources)
  • Associate members should still complete their GreekLifeEdu requirements (both Part 1 and Part 2).
  • If the chapter needs to condense the Brotherhood in Phi Sigma Kappa program timeline, they are expected to still complete the following pieces:
    • Expectations in Phi Sigma Kappa, Founding of Phi Sigma Kappa, and Solidarity in Phi Sigma Kappa sessions
    • GreekLifeEdu Part 1 and 2
    • Final Examination (online already)
    • Pledge to Brotherhood (can be collected online in a Google Doc and then transferred to the official notepad upon return to campus)
  • Chapters should be intentional with keeping associate members engaged and connected to their chapter through formal associate member meetings and informal touchpoints such as group messages and FaceTime.
  • Chapters are also encouraged to consider providing current associate members with temporary voting rights for items such as:
    • Chapter budgets
    • Executive Board elections
    • Bylaw changes


  • Chapters who wish to report initiated members are able to do so at this time, and then host the Ritual for the Initiation of New Members at a later date.
  • It is expected that the chapter host initiation for those associate members at the earliest available opportunity during the fall semester/term
    • We are strongly discouraging chapters from combining the spring 2020 associate member class with the fall 2020 associate member class, upon return to campus. The spring 2020 associate members should have their associate member education continue this semester virtually and then be initiated immediately after returning to campus.
Executive Board Operations


  • Chapters can utilize the following online tools to host chapter meetings:
    • Zoom offers free video conferences for up to 100 people (limited to 40 minutes with free version)
    • Google Hangouts for up to 10 people
    • GoToMeeting
  • Use collaborative online tools such as Google Drive for file storing, and Google Docs/Forms/Sheets for working on projects and keep track of tasks using websites such as ASANA or Basecamp.


  • Chapter Vice Presidents (or whichever officer oversees the committee chairmen) should consider meeting virtually once a week with essential chairmen (Recruitment Chairman, Brotherhood Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, etc.).
  • Committee chairmen should also host biweekly meetings via Zoom or Google Hangouts to ensure momentum is not lost and plan for next semester.
  • Chairmen and committee members can keep track of tasks using platforms like ASANA or Basecamp.


  • If the chapter elects its officers on an academic year cycle (officers elected at end of spring semester, officer term is August-July), consider postponing elections until the fall term to switch to the calendar year cycle (elected at the end of fall semester, officer term is January-December).
  • Chapters who choose to host elections virtually should utilize platforms like Google Forms to cast their votes.
  • Executive Board candidates should record speeches that chapter members can watch, in lieu of in-person speeches. Chapter members should prepare questions ahead of time that candidates can address in their speech.


  • National fees such as census fees, assessments, and liability insurance will not be reimbursed, as all charges have already been invoiced and cover members for the full academic year.
  • Local chapter fees, such as meal plans or parlor fees, may be reimbursed/credited at the discretion of the local chapter Executive Board.
  • If chapters have the funds to pay an outstanding invoice, please do so through Officer Portal, LegFi/OmegaFi or our website’s Bill Pay
  • Chapters that would like to be set up on a payment plan are asked to contact Grant Carpenter, Director of Chapter Services at


  • Have a designee from the chapter fill out the brief Housing Questionnaire. This will help the International Headquarters professional staff best directly serve the chapter.
  • All members should follow recommendations of the campus regarding housing status.
  • All alumni clubs/associations and local housing corporations that manage chapter facilities should seek any additional precautionary measures recommended by the campus.
  • Local housing fees, such as meal plans or parlor fees, may be reimbursed/credited at the discretion of the local chapter Executive Board.
  • Reference the Holmes Murphy Resource Page for items regarding housing concerns.
Philanthropy and Social Events


  • Chapters are encouraged to still participate in philanthropic/community service endeavors remotely.
  • Consider donating unused food in your chapter houses’ kitchen to a nearby soup kitchen or donating to a GoFundMe that directly impacts the community and/or COVID-19 relief.
  • Chapters can organize a day where chapter members are encouraged to donate blood, platelets or plasma locally through the Red Cross.


  • Chapters should not host any formals, social events, or brotherhood retreats.
  • If the chapter already has a contract in place, they should work with the venue/vendor to see if it can be rescheduled or if it can be cancelled via a force majeure
Recognizing Seniors


  • Chapters are encouraged to honor their graduating senior members by hosting the Third Degree Obligation ceremony virtually. This can be done using platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts.
  • For questions on how to host this ritual, contact Grant Carpenter, Director of Chapter Services at


  • Chapter are encouraged to honor their graduating members by hosting a Senior Send-Off event:
    • Chapter members can host a Zoom or Google Hangout meeting where senior members can read prepared speeches and share what Phi Sig has meant to them.
    • Chapters can create a slide show, with a slide dedicated to each graduating member, listing their major, position(s) held, and most memorable Phi Sig experience. Their composite picture should be included as well!
  • The Grand Chapter is looking to spotlight seniors in the upcoming issue of The Signet. If a senior would like to be highlighted, please email their information, a picture, and brief description of why they are being spotlighted to


  • We know recruitment can be tough for some of our local chapters. That is especially true with the current uncertainty due to COVID-19 and not being on campus. Just as with any year, the best way to be prepared is to start thinking about fall recruitment now!Here are some tips to help keep your chapter on track and ready for recruitment for the coming Fall term:
    1. Create your recruitment schedule in advance: Your campus’ recruitment schedule likely isn’t available yet, but this shouldn’t stop your recruitment committee from creating several hypothetical recruitment options for this fall. Create a schedule that can be implemented as soon as you hear from your campus about recruitment. Also, create alternative plans in case recruitment is pushed back or shortened due to extended remote learning.
    2. Get the easy stuff out of the way: Now is the perfect time to dial in your recruitment messaging, such as recruitment posters, digital media to be posted on your chapter’s Twitter and Instagram or even recruitment t-shirts, if your chapter budget allows for that expense.
    3. Virtual recruitment: You can get a head start on recruitment by sending every brother back to their high school’s website and find the graduates that have committed to going to your campus. This is an easy way to build a names list and begin making connections. Do not be afraid to reach out through direct messages! ChapterBuilder can be a great tool for organizing names lists and contacting potential associate members. See below for more information on using this FREE
    4. Take the time this summer to practice: Especially if it looks like you may need to rely on virtual recruitment, it would be a good idea to brainstorm and test out any new ideas now before you try to use them during the fall term.
    5. Recruitment is a chapter effort: While the Recruitment Chairman is the main person leading the charge during the recruitment season, he should not be the only one working. In addition to regular planning, the Recruitment Chairman/committee should also work on figuring out how they can utilize other members in the recruitment process.

    If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the ChapterBuilder platform, now would be a great time to do so. PhiredUp provides weekly demos for any interested members or advisers.. In this time of virtual recruitment, let’s work proactively to use the technological platforms at our disposal to get ahead of the fall term. If you need to access your chapter’s ChapterBuilder account, please contact Director of Expansion, Erik Silvola at

  • Check out these blogs from Phired Up about recruiting virtually: