The responsibilities, as outlined in the Phi Sigma Kappa Policy Manual, are as follows:

  1. Serve a region of chapters/colonies as determined by the Executive Director. Will complete the Volunteer Certification Process as outlined by the Fraternity.
  2. Work with the chapter advisers in the region to ensure the understanding of all chapter operations and fraternity management issues (certification, finances, officer election, officer transition, member selection, member education, scholarship, etc.). Provide education (in-person or via distance) each semester.
  3. Contact chapter advisers on a monthly basis.
  4. Recruit and suggest qualified brothers to serve as a chapter adviser or advisory board member.
  5. At the request of the International Headquarters, visit chapters in their region to provide educational resources and follow-up. All approved travel and lodging expenses will either be made by or reimbursed by the International Headquarters.
  6. Submit reports with the International Headquarters and visitation reports following all chapter visits.
  7. Identify campuses in the region for expansion, where we would be successful and have a base of alumni support.
  8. Identify and nominate at least one candidate to fill the regional adviser position following your resignation.
  9. Include alumni clubs in regional communication.
  10. To attend General Convention at least every other Convention, and/or an alumni training event at least once every three years and, regional conclave at least once every other year.
  11. Notify the International Headquarters immediately when an incident occurs.
  12. Attend monthly adviser calls.
  13. Attend Regional Conclaves.
  14. Support the Fraternity through the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation on an annual basis.

The Fraternity is currently seeking candidates to apply for these positions. Below is a link to that application:

If you have questions regarding the program, please contact Nick Zuniga, Executive Director, at